UNISON is campaigning to remain in the EU. This page has various resources to help members make up their minds about the vote and to support activists running sessions to inform members what UNISON’s position is and why it has taken this stance.

UNISON EU remain campaign guidance (PDF)

The guidance includes:

  • Why is UNISON campaigning to vote Remain?
  • UNISON’s Remain EU strategy
  • Campaign rules – what you need to know
  • How to get involved in the UNISON EU Remain campaign
  • UNISON resources and materials
  • Useful contacts and signposts to opportunities to be a campaign volunteer

The UNISON Remain EU web page has been launched and has a FAQ section, resources section with imprinted materials – a leaflet and stickers is now available to order.
Members are encouraged to sign up to the campaign to receive updates


Check UNISON social media – Facebook and Twitter – for regular UNISON messages, stories, videos, graphics and twibbons etc to share.

The South West region has produced a powerpoint presentation which can be used to support a meeting with members.


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