The TUC is gathering evidence of the impact of union learning through a short online survey. We would like to help gather as many responses as we can since the results will generate evidence to support budget negotiations with the government.

Please complete the survey, it only takes about 15 minutes.There are links below to the online survey and to the PDF of the paper-based version for people without easy online access. Send paper copies to the Unison Branch.

The questions cover:
• people’s motivations for undertaking union learning
• the skills they have gained
• how improving/acquiring skills has impacted on learners’ lives.

Whichever version of the survey your learners complete, please make sure they submit or return by
Friday 11 December 2015.



Your responses will be treated in strict confidence: all data will be reported in summary form and it will not be possible to attribute your responses to you personally.

The Universities of Exeter and Leeds are organising the survey for the TUC. If you have any questions about the survey, or need help in completing the online version, please contact Hilary Stevens at the University of Exeter.

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