The TUC have called a national demonstration on Saturday 12 May in London. This is going to be a key moment in the fight for public services. We’ll show decision makers we’re scared for the public services we love – and the public are on our side. We won’t take the cuts and pay freezes lying down.

As a region, we have over forty coaches leaving from the South West. From noon today, members will be able to book free return coach travel for them and their families here:

Following Branch consultation, funding for the coaches was agreed at South West Committee and will be supported by Regional funds.

This march is set to be a big one. UNISON, the TUC and other trade unions are putting considerable support behind it. You’ll join thousands of like-minded people under the banner, ‘Step Up for Public Services’.

It’s a march with a serious message but it’ll have a fun, family-friendly feel. Dig out your UNISON colours and let’s turn the streets purple. Plus there will be activities to keep your energy bubbling throughout the day.

Bristol Booking 

If members require any assistance with their booking they can e-mail UNISON on:

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