Disabled members

Next meeting , Saturday 9 July , 10.30 – 1.00, Taunton Regional office.  This meeting will be open to all members with disabilities. All are very welcome.  Please let Carol Thyer – c.thyer@unison.co.uk know if you intend to come.
 All expenses will be paid. 

The Regional Disabled members committee have asked for you all to be made aware of the factsheet Twenty years after the Disability Discrimination Act; What next for Disabled People’s rights?  The National Disabled Members’ Committee launched a campaign aiming to improve the position of disabled people in society .  It includes a 5 point charter and steps that you can take to support.  https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2016/02/Fact-sheet-Twenty-years-after-the-Disability-Discrimination-Act.doc

The next Disability Rights training will be in Taunton onThursday 6 October 2016  contact the Branch office if you would like to attend.

Disability History month – 22 Nov – 22 December  – Branch Equality Co-Ordinators and/or Disabled members officers will be arranging branch events celebrating the ways in which disabled workers benefit organisations.
The Committee would  be pleased to help with ideas and materials.

 Disability Campaigning groups  – do you know of any in your community/area?  The Regional Committee is compiling a list of good organisations throughout the region.  Please let us know.

 Black members

Next meeting  Saturday 25 June 10.30 at the Bristol Branch office, Trinity Road Bristol

National Mandela Award – do you know a Black member who has “gone above and beyond to represent Black members celebrating their achievements, courage and determination within the union and more widely in our society” ? Then nominate them for the Mandela Award contact the Branch office  – deadline Friday 2 September.

 LGBT members 

Pride and Respect Festivals  – All events will need support on the day from members in the area.  Please contact marius.jennings@bristol.gov.uk  if you are able to help at Bristol pride even if just for an hour ; every volunteer is welcomed. The stalls really benefit from the knowledge of members in local branches.

ILGA – we collect donations for ILGA at all festivals in return for wristbands and lanyards.  UNISON has worked with ILGA for many years.  The interactive maps shows countries who are demonstrating leadership with equality measures, those who are standing still and the most concern is with the many countries who are actively targeting LGBT people with restrictive and discriminatory laws  – http://www.ilga-europe.org/resources/rainbow-europe/2016 ; http://www.ilga-europe.org/sites/default/files/Attachments/side_a_rainbow_europe_map_2016_a3_small.pdf.  The maps provide a good starting point for discussion at stalls and include UNISON information on the back.

Women members  

 Regional Women’s Conference, Croyde Bay 30 September – October 2 – guest speaker Clare Moody (MEP) ; also speakers on Female Genital Mutilation, Stop Porn campaign and workshops on what it means to be a steward/case worker; How UNISON works; recruitment and organising ; Assertiveness; workplace stress; How Parliament works; mental health ……………and much more! 

Open to all women members in the SW. Contact the Branch if you are interested in attending

Women workers’ rights and the risks of Brexit –  please read the TUC article – https://www.tuc.org.uk/node/125077

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