Have you decided which mayoral candidate will be best for Bristol workers? Attend the trade union hustings on 7 April to find out.

This year, voters in Bristol will go to the polls to elect a Mayor, who will hold office for the next four years and have wide ranging powers across the city.  These powers will extend beyond UNISON members who work for the council, where the mayor can determine a Living Wage policy, but will extend to housing and transport and mean that the Mayor has a crucial role in ensuring affordable housing is built, that inward investment provides quality jobs and that public transport runs well, allowing people to get to work and home from work.

In short the Mayor has a pivotal role in determining what kind of city Bristol is for those who live here and work here and the election could have huge implications for the thousands of UNISON members in the city.  It also takes place at a time when the Government have decided to create a new Metro Mayor for the West of England and it may be that members across the West of England area want to see how mayoral roles work in practice.

We are therefore inviting all members to a TUC hustings on 7 April 2016 at 6.45Register here to attend.

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