This is the opportunity for UNISON members who are library assistants to respond to the consultation on two options presented by management on the working patterns to be introduced under the managing change process.

Option 1 – the original management proposal that went out at the start of the consultation

Option 2 – the compromise proposal produced with the working groups

A post list and an example timesheet is provided for each team. There is also a post numbers document – this shows how many posts of different numbers of hours there are in Option 1 and Option 2 and lists how many permanent staff are in posts of different hours.  This is to give staff an overview of how many possible suitable alternatives on hours there are in the two different options.

Option 1 allows for a suitable alternative match on hours for all Library Assistants with the exception of the remaining Sunday Library Assistants (there are 6 of them who aren’t taking voluntary severance) but they aren’t proposed to be ringfenced to those posts currently.  It’s important to note that this does not guarantee that a selection process won’t be needed because a) it doesn’t automatically follow that a match on hours is a suitable alternative post and b) this is only based on the current proposal for Methods of Appointment, which could change, however it does reduce the odds of needing a selection process significantly.

Option 2 doesn’t have a suitable alternative match on hours for those 6 Sunday Library Assistants, plus another 2 Library Assistants so a selection process would be needed.  Again this doesn’t guarantee that only 2 Library Assistants would be displaced because a suitable alternative is about more than just hours and the Methods of Appointment may change, but it would require a selection process.

Option 1 has 94 Library Assistant posts that work every Saturday and 9 that don’t
Option 2 has 74 that work every Saturday and 41 that don’t

LMT have reviewed Option 2 and while it includes some things that aren’t ideal operationally and includes some extra cost, our view is that it represents a compromise that we could implement if it would be better for staff than Option 1.

All the documents are available here. Please review and read carefully.

UNISON members can express their preference for each of the options using the form below.

You will need your membership number to validate that you are a UNISON member. You can also reject both of the options but need to understand that this is the best that can be achieved through negotiation. If a majority of members rejects both options we will consult further with members on the basis that we are likely to be in dispute with the employer.

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